Wearing life jackets while boating saves lives

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Most boat owners want to protect their boats from
risks, so they do the responsible thing and purchase Florida
boat insurance
. Taking responsibility for yourself and others on your boat
by using life jackets is another smart idea. Wearing life jackets helps you to
float in the water after an accident while waiting for rescue. Make informed
decisions when purchasing life jackets by understanding how they work.

The two types of jackets are manual and automatic. To
inflate a manual life jacket, the user must pull on a lanyard or cord, which
inflates bladders inside the jacket with carbon dioxide. Automatic life jackets
self-inflate as soon as they hit the water. Either design is inflatable orally
by blowing into an air tube located on the jacket.

Life Jacket Choices

Type I jackets are predominately used in open water or
on the ocean when a person may need to float for a while before rescue. This
design can turn an unconscious person into an upright position with the face

Type II fits children well and may assist people in
remaining upright.

Type III is the most comfortable of the three types
and is frequently worn for water sports. This design is suited for quick

When purchasing life jackets, make sure they fit
correctly and do not rise above the chin after buckling and zipping in place.
Improve your boating experience by purchasing life jackets and always keep your
Florida boat insurance current.


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