Information about Florida boat insurance

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For those folks new to the state of Florida or people buying their first boat, you may find this information about boat insurance helpful. These days, the costs involved in purchasing a new boat can really add up, especially with all the accessories. Knowing your boat investment is fully insured helps to provide peace of mind.  Learn how you can protect your boat against liability losses and what types of coverage are available.

Available Coverage

Although some policies vary, many policies offer coverage for physical damage of furnishings, machinery, sails, hull and common equipment found on boats. Coverage may generally include sinking, collision damage, malicious mischief and vandalism. Policies generally insure boat trailers for physical damage. In some cases, you may tailor your insurance coverage specifically to your boat based on the value, age and type of watercraft or boat you own.

Liability Coverage

Many policies also include important liability coverage. You can insure your personal watercraft, yacht, boat or sailboat for damages to other vessels.  Liability insurance may also cover death or bodily injury to other people when operating your boat.

Types of Boats

Insurers in Florida cover several types of boats including fishing boats, pontoons, ski boats, bass boats, sailboats, yachts and personal watercraft.

Additional Coverage

You may also purchase insurance for fishing equipment, personal property and uninsured boater coverage.

Talk to your agent today about a new boat insurance policy. To create a personalized policy, your agent may require the cost, age, brand, and model and engine size of your boat, in addition to safety equipment information for your boat.


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