Florida Dwelling Fire Coverage from the Insurance Center

At the Insurance Center, we will provide you with a dwelling fire policy to protect your rental property from both fire damage and liability claims. We work with 25 carriers to find the policy you want, at the rate you deserve.

Because protection from fire damage isn’t included in your homeowners policy, it’s essential to consider a dwelling fire policy. At ICCF, we’ve been insuring rental property owners for years. Our specialized dwelling fire policies will protect your rental property, its foundation, and interior from fire damage. Our coverage also includes associated property, such as gazeboes, unattached garages, barns, etc.

If someone gets injured on your rental property and files a claim, our dwelling fire coverage includes liability.

We want you to be able to rent your property with confidence. Why not contact us today to learn more? Or you can simply fill out our free Florida dwelling fire quote!