Buying equipment for your home business

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Do you have a growing small enterprise in Florida? As you grow, you
might need to upgrade your business insurance as things change. The chances are
that at some stage, you’ll also need to upgrade or upsize equipment. Don’t be
tempted to do this in a rush – the best way to go about purchasing new
equipment is to sit down and thoroughly evaluate your current and likely future
needs. That way, you’ll be less likely to spend on items that you might also outgrow
within a short period. Consider these points as you evaluate.

For some business
owners it may be worthwhile to rent equipment temporarily. Renting gives you a
chance to try out the equipment and see if it suits your purposes. It might
also be a good option if you can’t yet afford to purchase the quality and size
item that would be most ideal, or if you suspect that future growth means
you’ll need to upgrade regularly.

New business owners
often learn quite a bit after joining trade associations. Members of trade
associations can be helpful offering equipment recommendations and the best
places to shop for discounts.

Don’t rule out
purchasing second hand items, but do ensure the equipment is in good condition.

Similarly, you should evaluate the insurance needs of your business
periodically. The purchase of assets might warrant an increase to the level of
coverage, as might offering additional products or services, or drastically
increasing your turnover.


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