Getting a Business Owner’s Policy with Your Business Insurance in Florida

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Should you be the owner of a small to mid-sized business in the Sunshine State, you may well be wondering where you can obtain a better, more convenient deal for your business insurance in Florida. Perhaps the risk assessment carried out by your firm showed that the standard business insurance coverage is adequate for your needs and you are looking at saving money instead of buying each type of insurance separately.

Designed for small to mid-sized companies, the Business Owner’s Policy or BOP may be the answer. It provides a package of standard insurance options that most businesses tend to require, such as liability, property and business interruption. It’s also flexible in that other types of coverage may be added if so required, depending on the type of business in which the firm is engaged. The nature of the combination of policies usually makes the price more affordable than if policies were to be bought individually.

Administratively the maintenance and updating of the types of standard business insurance in Florida may be made easier by having one combination package. Should you be interested in finding out whether or not a business owner’s policy may be suitable for your needs, or want information about business insurance in general, please don’t hesitate to call us!



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