Customer service techniques may help to prevent shoplifting

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Many small businesses are
concerned about theft. Having a good store layout, where you can clearly see
down aisles and protect expensive items under glass or locked cabinets, can help prevent theft.
Increased security and inventory controls also work to the advantage of shop
owners in reducing theft. Consider using these customer service tactics to
enhance security methods, in addition to protecting your stock with Florida
business insurance

Always have a sales person
in the store. An empty store is an open invitation for thieves.

Make a point of greeting
each customer, when entering your shop. This not only adds a personal touch,
but also confirms you see them in the shop.

You should alert security
or other employees when you see suspicious activities. Employees can help to
watch for shoplifting.

Consider approaching
suspicious people and offering help. This advises a potential thief you have
noticed them. It may be enough to alter their plans for stealing.

Be mindful of unusual
distractions or activities in the store. Some thieves use the buddy system. One
person causes a distraction while a partner steals and goes unnoticed.

Train cashiers to inspect
product boxes to assure they do not contain additional merchandise. Stapling
bags shut at the checkout with the sales receipt helps to prevent thieves from
smuggling out other goods in the bag as they leave the store.

Contact your agent when
upgrading security systems or cameras. You may qualify for a discount on your Florida business insurance policy.

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