The Basics of Florida Condominium Insurance

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 Protect your valuables!

As a condo owner in Florida you should have a Florida condominium insurance policy that financially protects you in the event that your possessions are stolen or destroyed. Regardless of whether you reside in the condo permanently or seasonally all items that remain in the condo should be assessed and insured. Furniture, clothing, appliances and other household items should be listed on your inventory and included in the amount of coverage you decide to take out.

Liability insurance is another extremely important insurance cover. This type of coverage offers a level of financial protection in the event that you are found liable for damages by a court after someone is injured in your home.

There are many other assets that may need to be secured by insurance and which are not covered under your condominium coverage. Valuable jewelry is one many people miss, falsely believing it is covered by their home policy – but your home policy will have a small claim limit for jewelry. Similar limits may apply to artwork, business equipment and individual appliances. In some cases, your policy can be endorsed to increase the limit while for some items a separate policy might be necessary.

Condo owners are encouraged to invest in Florida condominium insurance and to ensure that all items in the condo are adequately covered. Speak to one of our agents if you’re concerned about the limits on your policy or require further information. With the Insurance Center of Central Florida, Inc., you can get the protection you’re looking for with your condo. Contact us today!



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