Protecting your beauty shop with insurance coverage

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Starting a beauty shop business requires lots of planning. You need to buy chairs, sinks and styling equipment, and customers require comfortable seating while waiting for appointments. The front area needs to be functional and equipped with a cash register and appointment calendars. Display shelving filled with beauty products, shampoos, rinses and hair dyes could add up to make some hefty inventory costs. All said and done, once you are set up, you could have a huge amount of money invested in your beauty shop. It’s also important when setting up to make sure you have high enough limits on your Florida business insurance to cover your business investments.

After assessing just how much money you have in your business, make sure your beauty shop has all the necessary insurance to cover your financial risks. Although, a beauty shop may not carry the same kind of liability issues as a contracting business, it still has its own unique liability concerns.

Small businesses of this type should most certainly carry general liability coverage. This helps to financially protect shop owners if customers suffer injuries on the premises. You certainly should consider liability coverage as this type of coverage may help to protect your business in cases where a customer is harmed from your professional service or is injured from using a product. Covering all your equipment with property coverage is important also. When you have employees you will also need workers’ compensation coverage.

Work closely with your insurance agent to address all your insurance concerns for your Florida business insurance needs. For more information on insuring a beauty shop business, contact our office.


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