Preventing Hurricane Damage to Your Boat with Florida Boat Insurance

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With the state almost completely surrounded by water, it is not surprising that many Florida residents decide to invest in watercraft. The Sunshine State is considered a paradise by many, but it is vital you do not get so comfortable in the gleaming sun that you forget the risk posed by hurricane season. Along with Florida boat insurance, there are certain steps you should take to prepare your vessel for bad weather.

Anything that is not secured down could be swept away by the water and wind or cause damage to the boat. Duct and masking tape can come in handy in storm preparations. Use it to keep cabinet doors and drawers closed as well as switches in the off position. In addition, you can use tape to seal vents, doors, hatches, windows, and other exterior openings.

Hull openings and engine exhausts should be plugged to keep the water out. You do not have to invest in expensive chafing gear to secure your lines. Garden hoses, chains, old tires, and other things you may have around the house may do just as fine a job. Do not forget to remove items in your dock box and storage, as harbors are hit often hit just as hard as the boats.

No matter how well you try to prepare, storms can be worse than anticipated. That is why, no matter what the weatherman calls for, you should also maintain your Florida boat insurance to help protect you from the financial devastation storms can cause.


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