Looking at Coverage with Florida Condominium Insurance

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The condo lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular in Florida and when we think of the features of a typical Florida city skyline we inevitably think of the number of condominiums. When you own a condo unit, your insurance policy needs may have to be tailored slightly differently to that of the standard home insurance model. For this reason, many insurance providers offer specialized Florida condominium insurance for unit owners.

The reason for the difference between condominium insurance and standard home insurance policies is that, in most cases, the Condominium Association will have already bought general insurance which covers common areas such as walkways, pools, gazebos and exterior buildings. As the owner of a condo unit, you will need to purchase any insurance you require to cover you for loss or damage to personal effects such as furniture, appliances, clothing and other assorted personal items. Coverage is also important for personal liability to provide protection against being sued by another party if they were injured while in your unit. You should ensure that your condominium insurance covers these areas.

To obtain advice on the options available when you purchase Florida condominium insurance, contact one of our agents. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and arrange quotes on your behalf. With the Insurance Center of Central Florida, Inc., you can get the coverage you need for your condo. Contact us today for more information!


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