Florida Business Insurance for Fitness Centers

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Running a fitness center entails a lot of responsibility to both your employees and customers. Employees may help customers with exercises and setting up of exercise equipment. Customers expect professional services and expert knowledge about losing weight, toning up and using equipment for the best possible results. Busy fitness centers must be prepared for a variety of risks including lawsuits and bodily injury claims from customers and visitors. Covering the basic essentials with a Florida business insurance policy may help to protect your company assets while keeping the business running.

Consider protecting your business with three important types of liability insurance: product liability, professional liability and general liability.

  • Product liability: fitness equipment can fail, malfunction or get incorrectly used and injuries can be the result. Speak to your agent to establish if your business requires this type of coverage.
  • Professional liability: Professional liability coverage is designed to protect a business in the event that employees make mistakes in advice which results in financial losses or injuries to clients.
  • General liability: Property damage and bodily injury cover damages incurred on the property to a customer or visitor. For example, a customer could slip on your front steps and seek medical costs as a result.

In addition, you might consider coverage for all your exercise equipment, office supplies and furnishings. The state of Florida also requires employers to get workers’ compensation coverage for their employees.

It is best to communicate with a local insurance agent to work out the details for suitable coverage on your Florida business insurance policies. Contact us for more information if required.


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