Business Insurance in Florida for Home-based Companies

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Plenty of people are starting new businesses and working out of their homes. Having Internet access to online resources makes it even easier to find suppliers, contact customers, order products and get goods shipped right to the home. Once a business plan is established and the new business is ready to open, it’s time to consider purchasing business insurance in Florida.

When you have a home-based business it is important not to rely on homeowners’ insurance to cover it. Walk around the area of your home used for business and make up an inventory list of items directly related to the business that should be insured.

Your list might include tools used in the business, supplies, equipment and products. Most businesses rely heavily on computers, printers and fax machines, which of course all need coverage under a business insurance policy. Do not forget things like office furniture, shelving units, desks and filing cabinets.

Give liability insurance careful consideration. Small companies that manufacture or sell products should look into product liability insurance for their own financial protection in case of harm caused to clients from their products. When doing business from your home, you may have customers coming to the house or delivery people dropping off supplies. Get your new business off to a great start with adequate liability insurance.

A local insurance agent may offer helpful tips about business insurance in Florida, and help you find a policy to fit the needs of your unique business. Contact our team of agents for more information on insurance for your home-based business.



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