Basic Instructions on Florida Boat Insurance for Driving an Airboat

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Have you always wanted to operate an airboat? Living in an area that is dominated by the untamed wilderness of the Everglades may make an air boat a desirable transportation vehicle. Using the power of a huge air propeller an air boat can glide over swamps and cross shallow water where thick grasses and reeds may prevent regular boats from traveling. Because accidents happen, especially when you’re learning a new skill, remember to financially protect your airboat with Florida boat insurance. Here are some basic tips on how to drive an air boat:

  • Once the boat is turned on allow the fuel to build pressure, then switch the ignition to on and pump the accelerator twice to introduce fuel into the engine. To start the boat propeller turn the ignition all the way around.
  • Airboats usually have an extremely easy two stick, forward and backward control system, one for speed control and one for direction control.
  • No more than half power should be used for driving through shallow or swampy areas. Driving at three quarters to full power can be used in open unobstructed water to achieve a skimming action on the surface of the water. Skimming is also known as ‘planing’.

Boats that are pushed through the water by large propellers can cause serious damage if they are involved in an accident so don’t take any risks until you’ve gained sufficient experience. Increased experience may lower the chance of an accident and also lower the risk of having to make an early claim on your Florida boat insurance! With the Insurance Center of Central Florida, you can get the coverage you need! Contact us today for more information.



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