Avoiding Alligator Attacks at Your Waterfront Business

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There are a lot of risks that come with having waterfront property. That is why it is vital to have Florida business insurance, to help pay for liability related expenses as well as damage from natural disasters. Whether you are established on the edge of a swamp, river, lake or ocean – there is always a danger of alligators coming ashore. To avoid unfortunate situation, here are some tips based on those on the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation (SCCF) website.

  • Never under any circumstances should you feed an alligator. Doing this could lead the animal into believe humans are a meal at hand. Anyone you see tossing scraps to the animal should be told to stop immediately or reported to the police.
  • Do not let small children or pets near freshwater sources. It is not safe to swim or play in these bodies of water in Florida, unless they are specifically labeled for swimming. Watch out for gators in saltwater as well, especially during droughts.
  • Do not approach an alligator. These animals can leap several feet in the air and move exceptionally quickly. They’re quick on their feet too, despite their short legs. It is best to study gators through binoculars, no less than 20 feet away.

Even when you do your best to keep peace between you and the wild, animals can surprise you with unprovoked viciousness. With the proper Florida business insurance, you can pay for the medical and legal fees that may follow an alligator attack on your business premises. Get the right coverage for the risks your business faces by calling one of our experienced agents.


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