Tips for Saving on Florida Boat Insurance

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Boating is a popular sport enjoyed by many especially around the coast of Florida. Although boating is fun, it still carries many dangers, especially if you are not familiar with handling a boat. To learn about boating it is often best to start with a smaller sized boat. This will give you the opportunity to learn on a boat that may be easier to handle and that will cost less to insure as well. As soon as you have put a deposit on the purchase of your boat of choice, arrange to get your Florida boat insurance in place before ever taking it out on the water.

There are a few factors which could influence the cost of boat insurance. The type of boat is likely to be a factor in determining premium rates. Insuring a large 35-foot boat when you have no experience with a boat of that size may hike up the premium. Diesel vessels may cost less to insure, while speedboats could attract higher premiums. When insuring your boat, choosing a higher deductible may reduce premium costs.

Completing boating safety courses is advisable for anyone taking a boat onto the water. Even if you have already completed a course, taking a refresher course wouldn’t hurt and you might learn something new. Passing a boating safety course may also get you a discount on your Florida boat insurance. Contact our office for help in sourcing a suitable policy for your boat.


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