Getting What You Need with Florida Condominium Insurance

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Those who have never lived in a condominium before might not be familiar with what needs to be considered when buying Florida condominium insurance. One of the key differences to living in a condo rather than a traditional house is that there is a condo management committee (sometimes called an association or board) which is obliged to hold insurance coverage for the building and common areas. 

It may be wise to make sure you understand exactly what is covered by the condo association’s insurance. It is better to find out for sure where their responsibility ends and yours starts, rather than assume something is covered when it may not be and have to pay an expensive bill when something goes wrong.

You should at the very least, obtain coverage for your personal possessions and general liability coverage. Living in a condo does not exclude you from the risk of being sued should a visitor to your unit injure themselves and claim negligence on your part. In another example, other condo dwellers might sue for damages to their property if damages were perceived to have been caused by you, or due to your negligence.

Selecting suitable Florida condominium insurance does not have to be difficult. Once you know what the condo association’s coverage includes, why not talk to one of our experienced agents, who can provide quotes from a wide variety of insurance providers?


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