Don’t Let Your Home Become the Victim of Florida Weather, Protect Yourself Today!

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Now that you’ve realized your dream of owning a home near the ocean,
it’s time to start thinking about the next big step. You probably have things on
your mind you deem the most important such as the mortgage, the yard, and
fixing up the bathroom upstairs. However, other than worrying about bills and
work to do around the house, making sure your new home has proper coverage is
an essential element to the mixture of being a homeowner. Without a home
insurance, your house is prone to incidents such as physical damage, theft, and
others. Additionally, around the Tampa region there is a 1 in 25 chance a coastal
hurricane will strike, so making sure that the structure of your home is
accounted for could save you a lot of money and agony. With a Florida
home insurance
package, here is what you can expect to be covered:

  • ·        
    The physical structure of your home
  • ·        
    Personal possessions
  • ·        
    Replacement costs
  • ·        

Also, because of the high rate of severe weather during the hurricane season, you can acquire
additional coverage to cover instances such as severe flooding or damaged
valuable possessions.

At Insurance
Company of Florida
, it is our goal to provide and maintain quality service
and insurance packages that can keep you and your home protected and safe from
any alarming and unpredictable instances. Our Florida home insurance is some of
the best the state as to offer, so call us today and we will begin to help you
live out your dream is a happy homeowner.

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